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Life Insurance Quotes

Find the best deal life insurance quote using our easy quote comparison form. We provide a professional and easy to use website to compare the top UK life insurance companies. Finding a life insurance policy that matches your individual needs and budget can be daunting task. We provide an easy to use service to help you narrow down the best choice from reputable companies like Aviva, Tesco, Standard Life and others.

By filling out our quote comparison form, we will be able to provide you with up to 40% savings on your policy premiums. Don't leave financial burdens behind, insure your loved ones with our affordable and easy life insurance quotes.

Figuring out how much coverage is needed is heavily dependent each persons specific needs. A quick and easy way to gauge the amount of coverage is to consider the cost of funeral arrangements, the amount of debt that would be outstanding, the cost of paying off your mortgage, and your salary for a period of time to allow for your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle. If you have children, the coverage needed will need to be even larger to allow for childcare costs and other expenses related to raising children. It may sound like a lot, but life insurance policy premiums can be very reasonable, and give you peace of mind.

What Type of Coverage?

There are two main types of life insurance in the UK: whole life and term life. Whole-of-life pays out a contracted sum when you pass away. Term life insurance is generally less expensive, and is for a set period of time; usually 10 to 20 year stretches. A good way to figure out an appropriate term is to take the length of your mortgage, and if you have children, the amount of time they will be dependents.

There are two types of term life insurance coverage: level cover and decreasing cover. Level cover has a set monthly payment for a fixed number of years. Decreasing cover has cheaper premiums, but the payout descreases year to year. Level cover is very popular among term life insurance policy holders.

What Does It Cost?

Different insurance policies carry different costs, depending on features and exclusions. Lifestyle and age play a big part in life insurance premiums. Smoking, job risk, high blood pressure or high cholesterol all play a part in higher insurance premium calculations. However, some life insurance policies can be as inexpensive as 16 pence per day. Give our free, no obligation quote comparison a try!

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